2020 Actor Presentations


August 26, 2020


It is my profound pleasure to introduce you to this very special graduating class of actors.

We first offered the opportunity to view this reel in May and got a wonderful response, but because not everyone has seen it, we’ve decided to make it available for about another month. We are, of course, aware how uncertain everything is, but as things are slowly opening up, we don’t want you to miss the chance to see this extraordinary class of actors.

As you know, filmmaking is a highly collaborative art form with actors often playing in close proximity. As you watch these scenes, please bear in mind that everyone had to work within the constraints imposed by our current health and safety guidelines. Each actor is alone in their own space, providing their own set-up, recording on their own phone, with their own available lighting, sound, makeup, and continuity. As we say, Champions Adjust.

What you may not be able to see in this digital format is the generosity, resilience, and collaborative spirit these extraordinary people possess. These are young artists everyone will want to be in the room with.

Finally, I’d like to thank Ellen Novack, Paul Mullins, Daniel Swee, and Gregory Wallace for their inspired and unwavering commitment to our students during this uncertain time.


Walton Wilson
Chair, Department of Acting

Time stamps:

1. Doireann and Brandon: 0:07
2. Zoe and JJ: 2:22
3. Anula and Dario: 4:36
4. Ilia and Robert: 7:02
5. Devin and Eli: 9:30
6. Manu and Juliana: 11:56
7. Zoe and Gregory: 13:49
8. Ciara and Devin: 16:23
9. John and Eli: 18:34
10. Adrienne and Ilia: 20:54
11. Manu and Ciara: 22:52
12. Anula and Doireann: 25:12
13. Adrienne and Dario: 27:01
14. Robert and Brandon: 29:31
15. JJ and Gregory: 31:40
16. Juliana and John: 33:44