The Acting department admits talented and committed individuals who possess an active intelligence, a strong imagination, and a physical and vocal instrument capable of development and transformation, and prepares them for work as professional actors. The program of study combines in-depth classroom training with extensive production work. Not only is each class of actors a working ensemble as it trains, but also each actor works as part of a larger company consisting of all three classes of actors. That company works within a still larger ensemble consisting of all departments of the School.


Current Students Receiving Financial Aid

More than $7,000,000 in financial aid was awarded in 2018-19.


Production Opportunities

Students apply theory to professional practice in production work at the School, Yale Rep, and Yale Cabaret.


Affinity Groups

Coalition-building and networking among students who share common interests, goals, and/or a self-identified background.

ACTING A Stella Baker (’18) and James Udom (’18) “We hold each other accountable.”

Student Perspectives

“We hold each other accountable.”

ACTING B Arturo Soria (’19) and Courtney Jamison (’18) “This community is going to change your molecules.”

Student Perspectives

“This community is going to change your molecules.”

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Department News

Winston Duke
Apr 25, 2019

Winston Duke (’13) Talks About His Experience at YSD in New Profile

In a profile with Vulture, Duke discusses his friends, works and professors at YSD, plus sheds light on his life and newfound fame.

Winston Duke
Apr 11, 2019

Winston Duke (’13) Says He and Lupita Nyong’o (’12) Were ‘Dorks’ at YSD

During a recent interview, Duke says the two weren’t always as polished as they now appear to be.