Theater Management

The Theater Management department prepares aspiring leaders and managers to create organizational environments conducive to the creation of theater art and responsive to their communities. The department provides students with the knowledge, skills, and values to enter the field at high levels of responsibility, to move quickly to leadership positions, and ultimately to advance the state of management practice and the art form itself. While focused primarily on theater organizations, discussions incorporate other performing arts organizations, other nonprofits, and for-profit organizations to help identify the factors that make theater organizations succeed. It is training in the practice, informed by up-to-date theoretical knowledge.

The department offers a joint-degree program with Yale School of Management, in which a student may earn both the M.F.A. and M.B.A. degrees in four years (rather than the five years that normally are required).


Current Students Receiving Financial Aid

More than $7,000,000 in financial aid was awarded in 2018-19.


Production Opportunities

Students apply theory to professional practice in production work at the School, Yale Rep, and Yale Cabaret.


Affinity Groups

Coalition-building and networking among students who share common interests, goals, and/or a self-identified background.

THEATER MANAGEMENT A Rachel Shuey (‘18), Laurie Ortega-Murphy (’20), and Al Heartley (’18) Part 1

Student Perspectives

“I actually had no idea that you could go to school to study this.”

THEATER MANAGEMENT B Rachel Shuey (‘18), Laurie Ortega-Murphy (’20), and Al Heartley (’18) Part 2 “You’re going to learn how to be the leader you want to be.”

Student Perspectives

“You’re going to learn how to be the leader you want to be.”

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Department News

Gretchen T. Wright '17
Mar 11, 2019

Westport Country Playhouse Appoints Gretchen T. Wright Director Of Development

Managing Director Michael Barker says Wright (’17, SOM ’17) “is a rising star with drive and ability that will take the Playhouse to the next level.”

JC Salinas ('03)
Dec 14, 2018

JC Salinas (’03) Makes the Ivies Accessible to Low-Income Kids

His college readiness program is making the dream a reality for kids from low-income and immigrant families.