Theater Management

Plan of Study

In the first year the student enrolls in eight required fall-term courses and seven required spring-term courses; begins a case study on a theater organization, to be completed during the second year; attends a variety of topical workshops; and is given several professional work assignments.

In the second and third years the student enrolls in four departmental and elective courses per term; attends a variety of topical workshops (seven sessions count as the equivalent of one course); and is given one or two professional work assignments of substantial responsibility. In another distinctive feature of the program, the second-year student has the option of replacing one term in residence with a fellowship in a professional setting away from the campus, selected by the faculty. (For students choosing the second-year fellowship, the course requirements are reduced by four.) If a student opts out of the second-year fellowship upon entering the program, the course load may be modified to a constant five courses per term throughout the three-year program.