Get Involved

David Geffen School of Drama alumni make significant contributions in numerous fields and endeavors every day. You not only use the training and lessons learned here at the School, you build upon them as industry leaders and innovators. Stay connected!

Alumni are welcome to audit one or more classes during the academic term. Permission to audit courses is dependent on available space, meeting any prerequisites, and prior consultation with the appropriate department chair, instructor, and registrar.

For course listings and to discuss this opportunity, contact Ariel Yan, Registrar/Admissions Administrator, 203.432.8817.

In their second-year, Theater Management students, in collaboration with a faculty advisor, write a case study which focuses on a strategic decision at a department-approved organization. The student will gather information through research and interviews to analyze a difficult issue facing the organization, such as executive succession, mission assessment, and new initiatives.

If you would like to discuss offering your organization as a possible subject of a case study, contact Joan Channick, Chair of Theater Management, 203.436.9048.

Second-year Theater Management students may choose to spend a semester on fellowship in a professional theater outside New Haven. In preparation for this opportunity, students must secure affordable short-term housing in major US cities. The School would be grateful to learn of housing opportunities, such as house sitting, sublets, spare bedrooms, and available apartments, to offer our students while on fellowship.

To discuss hosting a student during their fellowship, contact Joan Channick, Chair of Theater Management, 203.436.9048.

As our students begin their careers, they face an ever-changing field full of new opportunities and challenges. Your experiences and support can provide an invaluable bridge between the classroom and their career path. A mentorship could consist of meetings and check-ins, the opportunity to shadow the mentor, or access to professional networks.

To discuss becoming a mentor, contact Deborah Berman, Director of Development and Alumni Affairs, 203.432.2890.