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Graduate professional training in every theatrical discipline.

Our Plans for 2020–21 and Beyond

Yale School of Drama and Yale Repertory Theatre will not produce seasons of plays in 2020–21, due to the ongoing incompatibility of theatrical production with best public health practices in response to COVID-19. Practical production work is a central tenet of the School’s conservatory training; the three-year MFA program is being extended temporarily to a fourth year to best meet and overcome the current and inevitable future disruptions of the pandemic. Similarly, the one-year Technical Internship program will be extended by one semester. The School’s next student recruitment cycle will be for admission in the fall of 2022.

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Our Mission

Yale School of Drama and Yale Repertory Theatre train and advance leaders to raise the standard of global professional practice in every theatrical discipline, pursuing excellence in art to promote wonder, empathy, and understanding in the world.



We nurture imagination and court inspiration through mastery of skills and techniques, to create fluent, authentic, original storytelling that illuminates the complexity of the human spirit and questions accepted wisdom.



We attend both to process and to results, hearing the voices of colleagues and striving for a collective vision of our goals; we prize the contributions and accomplishments of the individual and of the team.



We wrestle with the most compelling issues of our time. Therefore, we foster curiosity, invention, bravery, and humor; we risk and learn from failure and vulnerability in order to build lifelong habits of innovation and revelation.



We commit to fair and ongoing practices that enhance our relationships to theater makers, audiences, and society, finding strength in our diversity, and lowering barriers to participation in the field.



We dedicate our best selves to both training and practice, holding ourselves accountable for a safe, sound, and respectful workplace, animated by good will.

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On and Off York Street

Harry Kondoleon

Harry Kondoleon

In his short life, Kondoleon wrote 18 plays, 2 novels, and 2 books of poetry. The rehearsal studio at 217 Park Street now bears his name.

Alan Hendrickson

Alan Hendrickson (’83, Faculty) Wins USITT Award

Hendrickson’s work earned him a Distinguished Achievement Award in Engineering.

Garrett Allen ('24) and Brittany Bland ('19)

Garrett Allen (’24) and Brittany Bland (’19) Join NEXUS Initiative

New York Stage and Film is providing 20 selected artists in the initiative with resources to explore new ways to tell stories.

Francesca DeCicco and Martin Montaner

Francesca DeCicco (’22) and Martin Montaner (’20) Win USITT Awards

DeCicco won the Bernhard R. Works, Frederick A. Buerki Scenic Technology Award; and Montaner won the KM Fabrics Technical Production Award.

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