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In Response to Supreme Court Decisions Regarding Admissions in Higher Education

Dear Members of the Community,

You have received President Salovey’s recent statement affirming Yale’s commitment to creating “an inclusive, diverse, and excellent educational environment” in the wake of today’s Supreme Court decisions regarding the consideration of race in admissions.

The David Geffen School of Drama affirms its unequivocal support for this proposition. While we must comply with the Supreme Court decisions, our graduate conservatory’s dedication to inclusive admissions processes will not waver from its focus on applicants’ artistry, self-awareness, collaborative skill, curiosity, resilience, and ambition.

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An Extraordinary and Unprecedented Gift from David Geffen

Yale University has announced a gift of $150 million from the David Geffen Foundation in support of the School of Drama.

This extraordinary and unprecedented gift ensures that from this day forward, in perpetuity, full-time students in degree and certificate programs will receive 100% tuition remission, beginning with the 2021–22 academic year. These programs are now, and always will be, “tuition free.”

In celebration of this gift, the largest in the history of the American theater, Yale School of Drama is now the David Geffen School of Drama at Yale University.

About the Gift

About David Geffen



Our Mission

David Geffen School of Drama and Yale Repertory Theatre train and advance leaders in the practice of every theatrical discipline, making art to inspire joy, empathy, and understanding in the world.




We expand knowledge to nurture creativity and imaginative expression embracing the complexity of the human spirit.




We put people first, centering well-being, inclusion, and equity for theater makers and audiences through anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices.




We build our collective work on a foundation of mutual respect, prizing the contributions and accomplishments of the individual and of the team.




We wrestle with compelling issues of our time. Energized by curiosity, invention, bravery, and humor, we challenge ourselves to risk and learn from failure and vulnerability.

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On and Off York Street

Max Monnig

Alumni Collaborate on Innovative New Opera

The makers of “I AM ALAN TURING,” produced out of Yale’s Center for Collaborative Arts and Media, used AI in creating the show.

Drew Farrow - ShowFab

Drew Farrow (’06) Keeps the Shows On Track

Without the efforts of ShowFab, many of your favorite Broadway shows, news programs, and broadcast sporting events would not be possible.

Roberta Pereira

Roberta Pereira (’08) Named Executive Director of NYPAL

Pereira will lead the New York Performing Arts Library, home to more than eight million items relating to music, theater and dance.

Adriana Gaviria

Adriana Gaviria (’01) Receives 2023 Latinx Theatre Commons Diane Award

This award is dedicated to an individual working in the theatre field who is committed to increasing Latinx representation.

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Uncle Vanya
Dec 09, 2023 - Dec 15, 2023

Uncle Vanya

There is something wrong in this house. You can’t sleep. You used to be good looking. Your leg hurts. He doesn’t love you. She’ll never leave him. The hay is rotting, the forests are burning, and Nanny hasn’t made noodles in months. Achingly contemporary, Uncle Vanya is a pandemic-era eco-drama about how we keep living with each other after everything falls apart.

Jan 20, 2024 - Jan 26, 2024


On the grounds of a former university, the mysterious Tinker subjects “undesirables” to experiments that test the limits of their emotional, psychological, and physical endurance. When Grace arrives to learn her brother’s fate, she submits herself to Tinker’s psychic and bodily trials, entering a realm of perception beyond anything she has ever known. In a Black-centered imagining of Sarah Kane’s landmark play, Cleansed reflects on the cruelty and beauty of being alive, and on love as a tool of survival.