Yale University requires all students, other than those with approved medical or religious exemptions, to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and to have obtained a booster shot. According to University policy, vaccine exempt individuals must wear a mask at all times and maintain a six-foot social distance from others both indoors and outdoors, in addition to twice weekly testing. Theatrical production activity is central to the training in all programs at David Geffen School of Drama. Production work at the School and Yale Repertory Theatre requires everyone taking part to be vaccinated and boosted because we cannot guarantee that the production environment will support the ability to socially distance throughout rehearsals, tech and performances. Additionally, there are many in-class activities where a six-foot distance from faculty and other students cannot be accommodated. Therefore, we are not able to offer candidates who are not fully vaccinated and boosted admission to our programs. If you receive an offer to attend the School you will therefore need to attest to being fully vaccinated and having received a booster, and ultimately show proof of full vaccination and booster as authorized by the World Health Organization and Food and Drug Administration in accordance with Yale's COVID-19 guidelines. 


David Geffen School of Drama’s Playwriting department is one of the oldest in the country. Its deep history and legacy can only be strengthened by continuing to stay at the forefront in readying early career playwrights toward leadership in our field. The program seeks to engage artists who possess singular voices and who can, with their command of language, set forth imaginative circumstances that entice audiences and challenge current forms. We are interested in students who are eager to learn and grow within a community of fellow artists, with many of whom they will form lifelong bonds.



All students in degree and certificate programs receive full tuition scholarships.

67% of current students receive need-based aid for living expenses.


Production Opportunities

Students apply theory to professional practice in production work at the School, Yale Rep, and Yale Cabaret.


Affinity Groups

Coalition-building and networking among students who share common interests, goals, and/or a self-identified background.

PLAYWRITING A Majkin Holmquist (‘18), Josh Wilder (’18), and Genne Murphy (’18) Part 1 “I get to constantly see my work on its feet.”

Student Perspectives

“I get to constantly see my work on its feet.”

PLAYWRITING B Majkin Holmquist (‘18), Josh Wilder (’18), and Genne Murphy (’18) Part 2 “You start to build a body of work while you’re here. You’re always writing.”

Student Perspectives

“You start to build a body of work while you’re here. You’re always writing.”

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Program News

Noah Diaz
Sep 08, 2022

Noah Diaz (’20) An “Artist to Watch”

‘You Will Get Sick,’ written at the School, will be presented at Roundabout Theatre Company this fall.

Martyna Majok
Jul 25, 2022

Martyna Majok (’12) Receives Hull-Warriner Award for ‘Sanctuary City’

Presented by the Dramatists Guild Council, the award recognizes a play dealing with controversial and timely subjects.