Application Requirements

M.F.A. and Certificate in Drama

An applicant to the Playwriting program should submit an application that includes an original play, either an original full-length or two original one-acts.

Applicants to the Playwriting program submit their writing samples through the online application:

  • an excerpt of 15-20 pages maximum from a complete full-length original play or one-act play or solo performance
  • one (1) full-length original play or two (2) one-act plays

Please submit an excerpt of 15-20 pages maximum from a complete full-length original play or one-act play or one solo performance.  These 15-20 pages can be from any section of the piece but should be in order.  For example, pages 1-15, 15-30, or 30-45, etc.  These 15-20 pages should not be scenes from various parts of the play or from multiple plays.  The Admissions Committee will review this excerpt sample of a full-length original play or one-act play during their first round review of all applicants.

After the first round read of the short writing sample of all applicants, the Admissions Committee will determine applicants for the second round review.  

Please also submit the complete version of one (1) full-length original play or two (2) one-act plays. Maximum length is 100 pages for either option.  The Admissions Committee will review the complete version of the full-length play or one-act plays only during the second review of select applicants.

Special attention is given to the applicant’s statement of purpose. The resumé should include a list of plays written and produced, as well as all other theater experience, such as acting, directing, or positions held within the theater. Three (3) letters of recommendation must be submitted.

Adaptations and collaborations may be submitted, but are reviewed only as supplementary to original and individual work. Musical scores, tapes, and CDs of musical works may be submitted, but cannot be returned. Any mailed writing samples and other materials are not returned.

The Playwriting program does not provide critiques of the writing samples.

The Playwriting Admissions Committee invites finalists for an interview in New Haven. Interviews for finalists living abroad are conducted wherever possible. Additional writing samples may be requested of a finalist.


Unsolicited manuscripts sent outside of the admissions process stated above will not be accepted or reviewed and will be discarded.