Technical Design and Production

Contemporary theater design and production technology have become more complex, and practitioners must be trained to understand and apply new technologies (both safely and efficiently) to the achievement of artistic goals. To meet the need for ever more knowledgeable and collaborative technical managers, the department selects highly motivated students who can best benefit from the resources of the School of Drama and Yale Rep. The program offers a large, professionally renowned faculty, an extensive list of industry-leading course offerings, and the opportunity to work alongside an accomplished professional staff.

Extensive classroom training is complemented by a variety of roles on productions, which serve to reinforce concepts from coursework, expose students to new disciplines, and give each individual practical experience. Students in the department generally concentrate in one of four areas of study: Production Management, Technical Direction, Stage Machinery Design and Automation, and Theater Planning and Consulting. With any of these tracks, or one individually crafted, comes the production planning tools and technical expertise to work on complex projects and with large teams immediately after graduation.


Current Students Receiving Financial Aid

More than $7,000,000 in financial aid was awarded in 2019-20.


Production Opportunities

Students apply theory to professional practice in production work at the School, Yale Rep, and Yale Cabaret.


Affinity Groups

Coalition-building and networking among students who share common interests, goals, and/or a self-identified background.

Ben Jones (‘20), Martin Montaner V. (’20), and Alex McNamara (’20)

Student Perspectives

“I wanted to be a leader.”

Ben Jones (‘20), Martin Montaner V. (’20), and Alex McNamara (’20)

Student Perspectives

“We rely on one another to check each other.”

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Department News

Yale School of Drama
Nov 19, 2019

Stage Management, Technical Design & Production, and Theater Management Eliminate GRE Requirement

Policy effective immediately for Fall 2020 enrollment.

Ted Ohl ('77)
Oct 11, 2019

Ted Ohl (’77) Joins Schuler Shook as Principal and Leader of New York Office

Ohl’s extensive career in the theater industry has included many new and renovated performance venues in New York and across the country.