Technical Design and Production

The faculty of Technical Design and Production (TD&P) program, through a curated curriculum, aims to train global technical managers and change-makers who center anti-racism in their decision-making. The program brings together dedicated full-time faculty, lecturers, and production staff members with a focus on supporting students in their career goals. In a field with rapidly evolving technology and spectacle, we train technical managers who put people before products while achieving artistic goals. Contemporary theatre design and production technology have become more complex, and practitioners must be trained to understand and apply new technologies.

We are looking for those who appreciate the artistry of our technical systems as much as the science necessary to execute them. For those who enjoy solving challenges through collaboration and who are driven to discover and innovate.

Our alumni can be found in almost every sector of our industry as well as many others. They will also be a source of support for you long after your time at the School.

Conservatory-style classroom training is complemented by a variety of roles on productions, known as professional work assignments (PWA), which serve to reinforce concepts from coursework, expose students to new disciplines, and give everyone practical experience. Students in the program generally concentrate on one of four areas of study: Production Management, Technical Direction, Stage Machinery Design and Automation, and Theater Planning and Consulting. With any of these tracks comes the production planning tools and technical expertise to work on complex projects and with large teams immediately after graduation.


Current Students Receiving Need-Based Financial Aid for Living Expenses

More than $8,000,000 in financial aid was awarded in 2020–21.


Production Opportunities

Students apply theory to professional practice in production work at the School, Yale Rep, and Yale Cabaret.


Affinity Groups

Coalition-building and networking among students who share common interests, goals, and/or a self-identified background.

Ben Jones (‘20), Martin Montaner V. (’20), and Alex McNamara (’20)

Student Perspectives

“I wanted to be a leader.”

Ben Jones (‘20), Martin Montaner V. (’20), and Alex McNamara (’20)

Student Perspectives

“We rely on one another to check each other.”

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Program News

Shaminda Amarakoon Headshot
Oct 19, 2021

How to Be an Antiracist Theatremaker

Shaminda Amarakoon, TD&P Chair, and four other producers talk about what they do and the power they hold to make change.

Neil Mazzella '78
Sep 08, 2021

Neil A. Mazzella (’78) Received 2021 Yale Medal

Mazzella was recognized for his efforts in supporting students at the School of Drama.