Technical Internship Program

The Technical Design and Production department offers a one-year technical internship training program for those seeking to become professional scenic carpenters, sound engineers, projection engineers, properties masters, scenic artists, costumers, or master electricians. This training program combines six graduate-level courses with closely guided and monitored practical production work. Interns receive individual attention, training, and supervision from their department advisers and work side-by-side with Yale School of Drama/Yale Repertory Theatre’s professional staff.

Interns are required to successfully complete two terms of the practicum course in their chosen area of concentration. An assigned faculty or staff adviser guides each student in selecting three additional courses each term. Most courses offered as part of the department’s three-year M.F.A. program of study are open to technical interns. The courses cover a wide range of topics, including shop technology, electricity, drafting, properties construction, projection engineering, sound technology, scene painting, costume construction, patternmaking, machining, rigging, and theater safety. Interns are encouraged to consider design courses from the Design and Sound Design departments as well. They are also allowed to audit one additional course as well as participate in the TD&P Seminar course each term. In addition to practicum and course work, interns may be assigned one or two production assignments in their area, giving them some technical design, production planning, and management experience.

Nondegree candidates, such as technical interns, are not eligible for Yale Health Basic Coverage student insurance, but Yale School of Drama requires technical intern students to have health insurance. Information about alternative health insurance options can be obtained by contacting the School of Drama’s registrar’s office.

Those who successfully complete the program of study receive an Internship Certificate during Yale School of Drama’s May commencement ceremonies. Some of those who complete the program subsequently apply to and are accepted into one of the three-year M.F.A. programs of study—Technical Design and Production, Design, or Sound Design—sometimes receiving credit toward the degree for requirements already completed. Those who choose to enter the job market receive assistance from the department chair and faculty supervisors. Our alumni provide many job opportunities for professionally trained theater technicians.

STAGE MANAGEMENT B John Carlin (‘19), Bianca Hooi (’18), and Caitlin O’Rourke (’18) Part 2 “A varied scope and scale on your production assignments TD&P Kevin Belcher (‘19), Latiana (LT) Gourzong (’19), and Alex Worthington (’19) Part 1 “It’s all about knowing what you don’t know.”


An applicant submits a one-page statement of purpose, resume, two professional or academic letters of recommendation, and a transcript. The online application deadline is February 1.

In one page, the statement of purpose should describe your career goals and how Yale School of Drama and the Technical Design and Production department can help you to achieve them.

After an initial review of completed applications, candidates are scheduled to interview in New Haven during February or early March. The on-site interview usually includes meetings with several faculty and staff members, a tour of Yale School of Drama’s campus, opportunities to meet current students, observe class, to see a play in performance if available, and a portfolio review. The portfolio could be a visual representation of your work to date including photographs, paperwork, or drawings.

As of September 1, 2019, the SAT or ACT is no longer required and will not be considered if submitted as part of the application.

Required Sequence
  • DRAM 99a/b - Internship Practicum
  • Six electives (three per term)
  • Drama 9a/b, TD&P Seminar (optional)
  • One additional elective as an audit per term (optional)
  • One or two production assignments

Elective Sequence
Electives are determined in consultation with a faculty adviser and allow each student reasonable flexibility in selecting courses in the student’s chosen area of concentration.

Yale Cabaret
Technical interns are encouraged to work in all capacities at the Yale Cabaret; however, this participation is understood to be in addition to and in no way a substitution for required departmental work. All interns must seek prior approval from the department chair for participation in all areas in the Cabaret. No intern with an Incomplete may participate in the Yale Cabaret in any capacity.

See course listings and descriptions under Technical Design and Production's Plan of Study (M.F.A. and Certificate). Additional courses in the Design and Sound Design departments are also available. Courses in other departments in the School, or in other programs at the University, may be considered, subject to scheduling and adviser approval.

DRAM 99a/b, Internship Practicum This course provides practical work in the intern’s area of concentration, with experience in the different elements and phases of the theatrical production process. Interns train on tools, software, and processes as required for each production. Additional training beyond production needs is also possible after consulting with faculty or staff advisers. Interns are expected to follow written and oral instruction, problem solve, work well with others, show an eagerness to learn, take on new responsibility, and be flexible to change. Open only to those in the Technical Internship Program.

An applicant can arrange earlier on-site visits or interviews on an as-needed basis. Alternate arrangements for interviews, including internet video conferencing, can be made for international applicants, or for applicants who are unable to travel during the personal interview period. NOTE: a site visit is extremely valuable, and current students often host applicants to help defray travel costs.

Video Conferencing: Yale utilizes the online tool Zoom. Once your conversation or interview time is determined, you will receive a Zoom link by email. At the time of the appointment, you click the link to join the conversation. You can choose to join using audio and video or just audio.

Professional and academic references are considered. Below is the body of the email that the online system will send to your recommender:

Dear [Recommender Name]:

[Your name] has requested that you write a letter of recommendation to Yale School of Drama on their behalf. We would greatly appreciate your appraisal of the applicant on the basis of their past performance in a professional and/or academic setting, your perception of their talent, experience, potential for a career in theatre, commitment to their craft, and how the applicant can benefit from a concentrated or intensive training program. Any other relevant information you care to include is welcome.

In an effort to make this process as easy as possible for you, we offer the ability to complete your recommendation online through our secure website. To submit your recommendation, please use the link below. This link is unique to this recommendation and should not be shared or forwarded.

Submit Recommendation: {{unique secure link}}

Thank you for time and consideration.

Your recommender receives an electronic acknowledgment through the online system. Your online application status page is updated when a recommender submits their letter.

Faculty and staff from the department will be in cities near you and would love to connect to talk about the program and your goals. Please email Shaminda to get more information.

October 4–5, 2019
Los Angeles, CA - Career workshop and Portfolio review at East Los Angeles College Theatre Arts Department. Event co-hosted by Center Theatre Group and East Los Angeles College Theatre Arts Department

October 24–26, 2019
Dallas, TX - Attending ETCP Executive Board Meeting

November 8–19, 2019
Atlanta, GA - Attending USITT’s LiNK conference

January 29–February 1, 2020
Cape Cod, MA - Attending KC/ACTF Region I conference

April 1–5, 2020
Houston, TX - Attending USITT annual conference

For additional information, we suggest visiting the FAQs.