Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism

Doctor of Fine Arts Degree

Upon completion of the Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism program requirements for an M.F.A. degree and graduation from David Geffen School of Drama, a student is eligible to register to remain in residence for the proposal year to apply to the Doctor of Fine Arts (D.F.A.) program. Acceptance into the D.F.A. program is not to be considered an entitlement and is based not only on the merits of the proposal, but also on the faculty’s assessment of the student’s performance and progress in the M.F.A. program.

Candidates must submit their proposals by the first day of classes of the spring semester, for review by the D.F.A. Committee. The proposal must conform to program guidelines and designate first and second readers. If either reader comes from outside the full-time faculty, the proposal must include a letter from the reader acknowledging a willingness to advise the dissertation. It is understood that, except in extraordinary circumstances, if the student’s proposed dissertation can be read by a member of the full-time faculty, that faculty member will be considered the first reader. Upon review, the committee may approve, reject, or recommend changes to the proposal. If changes are recommended, the student has until April 1 to resubmit the proposal in order to obtain the committee’s approval. If the proposal has not been sufficiently revised at that time, it will be finally rejected.

A student holding an M.F.A. degree from David Geffen School of Drama has two years after graduation to apply to and be accepted into the D.F.A. program. Upon acceptance of the proposal by the D.F.A. Committee, the student is expected to complete the dissertation within three years, working in close consultation with the first reader. If necessary, and so long as the student is able to demonstrate progress, an extension may be granted upon a written request.

After the D.F.A. Committee’s final approval of the dissertation, two bound copies must be delivered to the chair of the Program in Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism six weeks prior to the date on which the student expects to graduate. The dissertation proposal guidelines contain complete details and stipulations for obtaining the degree and are available through the program.

The D.F.A. candidate may elect to register as a full-time student in residence to pursue work on the dissertation. The tuition fee for this status is $1,000 per year in residence and entitles candidates to use libraries and related facilities, to audit courses related to their research, to eligibility for tickets to David Geffen School of Drama and Yale Repertory Theatre productions, and to Yale Health Basic Coverage. Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage is offered for an additional fee (for 2021-2022, the fee is $1,225 per term).

In the first five years of residency, D.F.A. candidates receive a fellowship to cover tuition and the cost of Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage. Students enrolled in the D.F.A. program are eligible to apply for one of three departmental writing fellowships, a Yale Rep artistic associate fellowship, a Yale Rep literary office fellowship, a Theater magazine fellowship, or DRAM 6a/b teaching assistantships. These fellowships are awarded based on suitability and other factors, such as additional opportunities for support, pedagogical enrichment, and demand in the program. The Theater magazine, artistic associate, and literary office fellowships are yearlong; the rest are for the academic year only. As a result, fellowship awards offer differing financial support. More information is available from the financial aid office.

Each year all D.F.A. students registered as in residence are expected to attend a chapter conference at the School of Drama; here they will offer a twenty-minute presentation about their latest research and writing. These chapter conferences will be held at the end of both the fall and spring terms. In consultation with their advisers, students may choose at which conference they would like to present.

D.F.A. Candidates in Residence

Taylor Barfield
David Bruin
Ashley Chang
Lauren Dubowski
Maria Inês Evangelista de Oliveira Marques
Helen Jaksch
Samantha Lazar
Kari Olmon

Ariel Sibert
Nahuel Telleria
Gavin Whitehead


D.F.A. Proposal Candidates

Michael Breslin
Molly FitzMaurice
Amauta Marston-Firmino
Catherine Rodríguez
Sophie Siegel-Warren
Patrick Young