Sound Design

Plan of Study

*DRAM 112a and 124a are required courses for Sound Design, while DRAM 112b and 124b are optional as general electives.

Elective Sequence

The elective sequence is determined in consultation with a departmental adviser. Students must complete two terms of music electives and two terms of general electives. Music electives are usually found in the Department of Music and the School of Music. Permission of the instructor may be required. Instrumental music lessons may also be considered, but there is a cost for these lessons, as the instructors do not come from the School of Drama. Two terms of Auditory Culture (DRAM 428) can constitute a general or music elective. The Sound Design chair must approve the elective sequence.


Lyric Writing for Musical Theater
Law and the Arts
Shop Technology
Stage Rigging Techniques
Introduction to Projection Design
Theater Planning and Construction
Advanced Engineering for Sound Design
Automation Control
Systems Integration for Live Entertainment
Auditory Culture: Reading, Critical Listening, and Discussion
Independent Study in Sound Design
Music Literacy