Plan of Study

The student’s training is accomplished through approximately equal parts classroom work and production experience. A balance between theoretical work, which students conceive of and develop on their own, and projects which are realized on stage in collaboration with others, is the ever-present goal.

Students of visual design study set, costume, lighting, and projection design in their first year. Lighting and projection designers also study sound design. Starting in the second year, the required sequence of courses for each student focuses more closely on the student’s primary area or areas of concentration. The goal of the department is that students achieve mastery of their own discipline and working knowledge of all disciplines. Given that no two students arrive at training with the same skill sets, the department reserves the right to make different course assignments for each student in pursuit of this aim.

Sound design students who are admitted into the Design department are also required to take introductory visual design classes in an attempt to develop a common body of knowledge within the entire design team, and to provide opportunities for all designers to develop collaborative communication and presentation skills.

For course descriptions, electives, and additional information, please view the David Geffen School of Drama Bulletin.