Application Requirements

M.F.A. and Certificate

An applicant to the Directing department should submit an application that includes a resumé, statement of purpose, three professional letters of recommendation, and an academic transcript. The resumé should list plays directed, roles played, and any other artistically significant experiences and accomplishments. An applicant is considered for an interview only if the resumé indicates two years or more of professional directing experience since college graduation, although in rare cases exceptions may be made. The Admissions Committee thoroughly reviews all applications. From this review, a group of selected candidates is invited for an interview covering a range of topics and questions suggested by the candidate’s file. Neither oral nor written critiques of individual applications, interviews, or auditions are provided by faculty or staff involved in the admissions process. The deliberations of the Admissions Committee are confidential.

Candidates living abroad are interviewed in person where circumstances allow; otherwise, they are interviewed by Skype.

After the interview, a limited number of finalists are invited to New Haven for a callback audition scheduled in New Haven. The dates for the callback sessions will be posted later. The invitation to the callback includes short scenes from a selection of modern and classical plays. The finalist chooses one of these scenes as audition material. While observed by the faculty, the finalist directs two fully responsive actors provided by Yale School of Drama. For thirty to forty minutes, the finalist directs these actors in a manner that reveals their personal interpretation of the play, early compositional ideas, and consequent rehearsal process. It is understood that the finalist will not complete the scene; that is not the goal. The primary concerns of the faculty are the quality of the applicant's directorial ideas about the play and their ability to translate these ideas into practical direction for the actors. For the audition, the School of Drama ensures the availability of four straight chairs and a plain table. An applicant may provide two hand props for the actors as needed. This rehearsal is followed by a conversation about the work done that day, the play chosen, and/or the art, craft, and social function of the theatre. The Directing department provides funds for travel and accommodations to New Haven for those who are called back.