FAQs: The Impact of David Geffen's $150 Million Gift for Tuition Support


Beginning with the 2021-22 academic year, and in perpetuity, all students enrolled full-time in degree and certificate programs, including MFA and Certificate in Drama students, Technical Interns, and DFA candidates, will receive 100% tuition remission.

No; tuition support is limited to full-time students in degree and certificate programs only.

Students who do not currently receive scholarships and grants above the cost of tuition ($34,800) will receive additional aid resulting in total scholarships and grants up to the cost of tuition. Students who already receive scholarship and grant aid above the cost of tuition will not see a change in their 21-22 award letter as a result of this gift.

Financial aid for books and supplies and living expenses, which include the Yale Health Hospitalization and Specialty coverage, will continue to be awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need. Financial need is assessed annually through the completion of a financial aid application and submission of required student and parental documentation. Together with any expected student and/or parent contribution, the School will meet a student’s demonstrated financial need through a combination of federal work-study and living expense scholarship.

Work-study components of financial aid awards will be applied toward the annual cost for books and supplies and living expenses. The work-study estimates for 21-22 are still under review and will be updated in revised award letters.

After receiving an updated award letter, students may borrow any expected student contribution and/or parent contribution if needed.

After tuition remission is applied, students can cancel their loan request, or change the total amount requested for the 2021-22 academic year. The Financial Aid office is also working to identify loan requests which will need to be reduced as a result of this gift.

The re-issuing of all awards in the School will take time and we are grateful for the tireless efforts of the School’s Financial Aid Office. We expect revised award letters to be sent by the start of the Fall term on August 23rd. However, changes to a student’s financial aid will be reflected in their Student Information Systems (SIS) account in real time.

No, all current MFA and Certificate in Drama students are eligible for a fully funded 4th year of study (Tuition, books and supplies, living expenses) so long as they remain in good academic standing and elect to stay for the additional year of training.