Stage Management

Department Information

The Stage Management department is designed to prepare the qualified student for professional stage management employment, with the intended goal of assisting the student to recognize and fulfill their role as a passionate artistic collaborator and as an effective organizational manager throughout the entire production process. The role of the production stage manager requires a deep commitment to the artistic process and a fundamental desire to support the work through the creation of an environment in which artistic risks can be taken.

Rebekah Heusel ('17) and Paula Clarkson ('17). Yale School of Drama. Photo by Mary Hunter, 2016.

This rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum consists of a balanced combination of required courses that provide a wide range of knowledge and training essential for today’s professional. In addition to the classroom requirements, students are assigned to stage management positions for Yale School of Drama and Yale Repertory Theatre productions that reflect progressively increased responsibilities throughout the plan of study. While the program is structured to prepare the student for work in the commercial and regional theater, it also provides a strong basis for learning a variety of artistic skills and managerial tools essential for employment opportunities in many different entertainment areas such as touring, dance, opera, event management, and industrials. Workshops, seminars, and lectures by noted professionals provide an essential component in the course of study.

Yale Repertory Theatre serves as an advanced training center for the department. During the first year, the student may have the opportunity to work at Yale Rep in a production capacity. As part of the second year of study, the student is assigned as an Assistant Stage Manager on one production. And in the final year, providing the standards and qualifications set forth by the department are met, the student is assigned as the Stage Manager for a Yale Rep production. This assignment fulfills one of three requirements related to the student’s thesis and provides an opportunity to attain membership in the Actors’ Equity Association. Throughout this process, the student is under the professional supervision of the production stage manager for Yale Repertory Theatre.

Extracurricular participation in the Yale Cabaret is also encouraged, subject to prior approval of the department chair.