Beth McGuire

Professor in the Practice of Acting

Beth McGuire, Professor in the Practice of Acting and Director of Speech and Dialects, joined Yale School of Drama faculty in 2000. Past faculty appointments include New York University, Brooklyn College, St. Francis College, The Actors’ Center, The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, and Theatre for a New Audience. From 1995-2000 she was the Voice Department Chair for The School for Film and Television in NYC. Beth has a private practice in New York City teaching and coaching voice, speech, Shakespeare, dialects, and dialect management. Her book, “African Accents: A Workbook for Actors”, is the first practical comprehensive analysis of the genre.

As a dialect and vocal coach, Beth has worked extensively on Broadway, off-Broadway, and regionally. Some of the directors with whom she has collaborated include: Max Stafford-Clark, Emily Mann, Michael Kahn, Bonnie Monte, Mark Rucker, James Bundy, Liz Diamond, Liesl Tommy, Juliette Carrillo, Joanna Settle, Anne Kaufman, Christopher Bayes, Paul Mullins, Rebecca Taichman, Harold Scott, Michael Garces, Coleman Domingo, Shana Cooper, Sam Gold, Warren Caryle, and Mark Lamos.

Beth also dialect coaches for film and television. Most notably she recently worked as the dialect coach on Black Panther and Us.

A certified Fitzmaurice voice teacher, Beth has studied voice and speech with Shane Anne Younts, Patsy Rodenburg, and Dudley Knight, as well as with teachers from the voice and speech communities of Kristin Linklater, Roy Hart, Jo Estill, and Arthur Lessac. Beth received her M.F.A. in acting from Brandeis University and B.A. from Oberlin College. Beth is a member VASTA, EQUITY, SAG and AFTR Her professional acting experience includes productions off-Broadway and regionally.